NK's Banking (PACS and NATC)

NK'S Banking (PACS and NATC)

NK’S Banking is compatible version for CAS and MIS (PACS) .NK’S Banking has been renovated to include and extend all features and functions of Common Accounting System(CAS) and Management Information System (MIS), prescribed by NABARD. NK’S Banking conforms to the standard accounting system, proper classification of assets, uniformity of financial statements and extending banking functions to enhance operational efficiency. NK’S Banking is a Complete Automation Software Package for a Primary Agriculture Co-Op Society. We Launched NK’S Banking in Sep.2002 at KUFSS (The Kesri Union Farmers Services Co-op Society Ambala HRY), In Apr,2004 at MFSS (The Mustafabad Farmers Service Co-Op Socity Yamunanagar HRY) and In Apr, 2007 NFSS (The Nabipur Farmers Service Co-Op Society Ambala HRY) The NFSS Has Adopted CAS & MIS from 1-4-8. The Rajouli Primary Agriculture Co-oprative Socity Ltd. Rajouli Ambala Haryana. The Gudniana Primary Agriculture Co-oprative Socity Ltd.Gundiana Yamunanagar Haryana.


User Logins
Multi Modules
Multi User Environment
User friendly function oriented interfaces.
User Maintenance
Data Backups (HDD, Special Backup on HDD, Pen, CD etc.)
Data Restorations
Day Close
Day Start
Financial Year Close
Categorization of users (Super User, Manager, Operator)
Commands available for all main activities
Essay Reports Preview Print
Authorization of All Transactions Accounts
Data Export to District Office for Consolidation (With external media)


Saving Bank
Member Share Capital
Term Deposit

Compound Interest
Simple Interest
Quarterly, Monthly, Half Yearly Interest Paid

Recurring Deposits

1.Agriculture (ST, MT, LT)
2.Non Agriculture (ST,MT,LT)
4.Loan Against FDR/GOLD


Financial Reports

Day Book
General Ledger
Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss Account
Total Receipts Payment of A Financial Year (RD)
G.L. Trail Balances
Daily Cash Receipt & Payments Scroll
Daily Transaction List
Trading Account

Personal Account Reports

Share Money Report (Share Ledger)
Customers All Account Type Ledgers (Personal Ledgers)
Balance Books
Loan Account Statement
Saving Account Statement
RD Account Statement
Interest Reports

MIS Reports

Over Due Reports
List Of Depositor
Interest Certificate
Voter List
Dead Member’s List
Expenditure list
Date Wise Advancement list
Date Wise Kist Bandi Reports (Village Wise)
Weekly Advancement Collection Report
Recovery Report (Village Wise)
Form No 19 Printing
Form No 20 Printing
New Member List
Terminate Members List
Agriculture Member
MCL Printing
Non Agriculture Member MCL Printing
Member Land Register
Age Wise Overdue List
All MIS Annexures I to ixx
NPA Detailed Account Reports
Stock Related All Reports
Many other Reports .