Ultimate.1 Form-F Management System

Ultimate.1 FORM-F Data Management Software (as per PNDT Act)

The Government of India introduced THE PRE-NATAL DIAGNOSTIC TECHNIQUES (REGULATION AND PREVENTION OF MISUSE) ACT, 1994 to curb this practice. As per this act 1. no Genetic Counseling Centre, Genetic Laboratory or Genetic Clinic unless registered under this Act, shall conduct or associate with, or help in, conducting activities relating to pre-natal diagnostic techniques; 2. no Genetic Counseling Centre, Genetic Laboratory or Genetic Clinic shall employ or cause to be employed any person who does not possess the prescribed qualifications; 3. no medical geneticist, gynecologist, pediatrician, registered medical practitioner or any other person shall conduct or cause to be conducted or aid in conducting by himself or through any other person, any pre-natal diagnostic techniques at a place other than a place registered under this Act To ensure that registered clinics/labs follow this act, the act further required every Genetic Counseling Centre, Genetic Laboratory and Genetic Clinic to maintain a register showing, in serial order, the names and addresses of the women given genetic counseling, subjected to pre-natal diagnostic procedures or pre-natal diagnostic tests, the names of their husbands or fathers and the date on which they first reported for such counseling, procedure or test. Further every Genetic Counseling Centre, Genetic Laboratory and Genetic Clinic is also required to prominently display on its premises a notice in English and in the local language or languages for the information of the public, to effect that disclosure of the sex of the foetus is prohibited under law. Further the act requires every ultrasound center to submit a monthly report to the _local municipal corporation.

Ultimate Form-F Management System is a product that aims to automate this process. The product aims to reduce the time required in report generation and ensure that the format is as per guidelines prescribed in the PNDT Act.


1.  Form-F Data Entry (Non-Invasive, Invasive)
2.  Form-F Printing New Format (ABCD Sections)
3.  Form-F Data Consolidation Report
4.  Form-F Ante-Natal Register Printing
5.  Doctor Referral Report
6.  Scan Report Entry
7.  Scan Report Printing
8.  Upload Scan Report on Center's own Web Server
9.  Upload Form-F on PNDT Web Server
10.SMS Alert on after Build Report
11.SMS Services


1. Multi User Environment
2. User Friendly Function Oriented Interfaces
3. User Logins
4. Data Back Ups
5. Data Restoration
6. Specially designed Form F for quick data entry
7. Take Photo of Patient with webcam.
8. Report generation at the click of a button
9. All data stored in soft form as backup


1. Login for State Head Quarters,Nodal officers,Scan Centres
2. View Form-F online
3. View Monthly Report Online
4. Analytical reports